Cover Nets for Biogas Plants

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Our Cover Nets for agricultural biogas plants prevent the awning mantle from overstretching in case the gas pressure exceeds the limits. Furthermore in exposed areas along the coast or on hills and when the gas pressure is low the awning mantle might get into wave motion and might tear out of the holding device. Due to it's own weight the cover net can keep the mantle down.
The cover nets have a mesh size of 100 mm and are made of braided Super-Polyethylene twine with a nominal diameter of 6 mm. The basically good UV- resistance of our PE- twine is considerably increased by an UV-protection additive to the raw material so that a live time of a minimum of 5 years can be guaranteed. The Super -Polyethylene twine has a minimum linear breaking strength of 380 kg. Because of this high breaking strength the cover nets can cope with enormous pressure loads which are according to the individual requirements transferred to eight, sixteen or even 32 anchor points at the outer wall of the silo (fermenter).
Our cover nets have to be designed and constructed according to the diameters of the silos and the heights of the awning mantle as well as to the expected gas pressure. For a quotation we therefore ask for these specifications.