Who is Engel-Netze?

Engel-Netze is a family business based in Bremerhaven with a branch office at the fishing port in Büsum. The main warehouse and administration are located in Bremerhaven. The company was founded in 1951 and is now run in the third generation by brothers Markus Engel and Michael Engel.

Why should I place my trust in Engel-Netze?

  • Engel-Netze has experience in processing nets since 1951.
  • Engel-Netze is not just an online retailer.
  • Engel-Netze can deliver quickly.
  • Engel-Netze offers personal advice.
  • Engel-Netze has a strong sense of quality.
  • Engel-Netze maintains long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Engel-Netze is a responsible employer.
  • Engel-Netze is a training company.

Do you produce the nets yourselves?

The nets are produced in net factories according to our specifications. We process the nets. Until the beginning of the 1980s, nets were still produced at the Bremerhaven site.

I only need a very small net. You must have leftovers. Why don't you offer leftovers?

We do offer remnants, but only for those who collect them themselves from our factory in Bremerhaven. In the webshop or in the catalogue it is simply too time-consuming to record the individual measurements and to maintain the data.

Are you also available on weekends?

Our opening hours can be found here: https://engelnetze.com/en/about-us Orders via our online shop can of course be placed around the clock, seven days a week. Incoming orders and enquiries are processed on the next working day after the weekend or public holidays.

Do you also have a catalogue to browse through?

We do.

The catalogue can be downloaded digitally as a PDF under the following link: Catalogue_2019_2020.pdf (The catalogue can be read with Adobe Reader. The download for Adobe Reader can be found here: https://get.adobe.com/de/reader/)

Can I pick up my order at Engel-Netze?
Yes, all orders can be collected. To do this, you should clarify beforehand whether the goods are to be prepared for collection in Bremerhaven or in Büsum.

Do you also deliver abroad?

Yes, we deliver our goods worldwide with our reliable shipping service providers. 

How long is the delivery time?
The delivery time depends on the items ordered and the desired delivery location. For our standard items that are in stock, we ship on the same day as the order or on the following day at the latest. Our aim is always to ship the goods as quickly as possible.

Why don't you deliver free of charge?
We want to offer all our customers the best possible and equally transparent prices. Therefore, we do not add the shipping costs to the item price and charge a low-volume surcharge for low-volume orders. Anything else would not be fair to the customers who collect their goods directly from us.
Our parcels are packed by hand, so we can ensure that orders are packed into as few parcels / pallets as possible to ensure the lowest shipping price for our customers. 

What payment options do you offer?
You can pay in advance, via PayPal, direct debit (possible via PayPal without registration), credit card (possible via PayPal without registration) and in the shops in Bremerhaven and Büsum also in cash.
For returning customers, public authorities and educational institutions we also offer payment on account.

What do I do when exchanging items?
We have provided a downloadable returns form on our website for exchanging and returning items: Returns Form (Can be read and printed using Adobe Reader. You can find the download for Adobe Reader here: https://get.adobe.com/de/reader/)

What is the best way to set up a net? Which net do I need to catch a certain type of fish?
Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question as we do not give fishing advice. It is recommended to consult an experienced fishing colleague.

What does mesh size mean?

Mesh size is the distance from node centre to node centre of two consecutive nodes. Simply put... one side of a mesh. Thus, the circumference of a mesh is equal to 4x the mesh size.

Why are the dimensions of nets given in meshes, but also in metres?
The dimensions of nets used in fishing are given in meshes. The reason for this is that fishing gear (made of nets) in fishing is calculated with the number of meshes. Depending on the mesh position (pointed or flat), the outer dimension of the net bales changes.
The dimensions for nets used to cover areas are given in metres. The dimensions are calculated so that the meshes are open.

Should I rather use rhombic or square meshes?
The square meshes are easier to handle and recommended if the area is rectangular. 

For areas with irregular widths, the rhombic mesh is recommended, as here you can work flexibly with the net width. Further information can be found in these instructions: Installation instructions for pond cover nets (Can be read and printed with Adobe Reader. The download for Adobe Reader can be found here: https://get.adobe.com/de/reader/)

Why are rhombic meshes cheaper?

The production of nets with square meshes is much more expensive. Basically, the nets are made with rhombic meshes. For the square mesh, the rhombic meshes are cut diagonally and then the cut pieces are professionally reassembled.

What mesh size do I need to deter a particular predator from taking my chickens?
To protect chickens from predators, mesh sizes of 60mm and 80mm have proved successful in recent years. 
For waters, mesh sizes of 100mm, 125mm and 200mm have proved successful in keeping out cormorants, for example. For securing the sides, 80mm meshes are often used.

Can I cut nets myself or will the knots come loose?

The knots will not come loose. The net yarn (thread) may untwist to the next knot, but the knot will not be affected. The knots of our nets are thermally fixed.

What is the best way to install large cover nets?

Depending on the size of the area, it makes sense to mount lines as an under-tensioning so that the net can be placed on the lines and thus the entire force does not act on the outer meshes when tensioning the net.

Are custom-made products possible?

Yes, we also manufacture fishing gear or cover nets according to individual wishes. Please contact us for more information.

I need a larger net enclosure. Can you take care of the planning and construction?

Yes, we can plan the enclosure together. An on-site appointment is usually necessary for the planning. Once the planning is complete, we can place the posts and install the nets.