Further services

Further services


  • Eye splices of ropes and wires
  • Connected splices of ropes and wires


  • Repair of nets
  • Custom-made nets after your specifications
  • Assembling / Enlargement of nets
  • Bordering of nets
  • Mounting of float lines and lead lines
  • Knitting of nets after your specifications

Wire work

  • Splicing of wire rope
  • Processing of wire rope with ferrules of aluminium, stainless steel and copper
  • Sharpening of wire rope


Further products

Deep Sea, Coastal and Freshwater Fishery

  • Trawls of All Types and Size
  • Stow Nets and Stake Nets
  • Purse Seines for Freshwater Fishery
  • Trawl Blocks and Takle Blocks
  • Trawl Doors and Spare Shoes
  • Net Sounder Cables

Technical Nets

  • Laundry Nets of Knotless Polyester Netting
  • Helicopter Cargo Nets for Military and Civil Use
  • Netting for Camouflage
  • Protection Nets against Pigeons


  • Warp Twine of Cotton
  • Kite Cord of Dyneema
  • Barrier Nets for Sports Halls
  • Ball Nets for Sports

Cover and Protection Nets

  • Gangway Nets
  • Hatch Covering Nets
  • Cover Nets for Garbage Containers
  • Cover Nets for Trucks
  • Barrier Nets

Agriculture and Forestry

  • Cover Nets for Plantations and Vineyards
  • Silage Cover Nets
  • Nets for Biogas Silos

Hunting Nets

  • Animal Catching Nets
  • Aviary Nets
  • Cover Nets for Falcon Cages