Sulphur Nets for Biogas Plants

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Our Sulphur Nets (stretch nets) for agricultural biogas plants have a mesh size of 100mm knot to knot and are made of polyethylene twine with nominal diameter of 5mm or 6mm with a unique more rectangular cross section. These nets provide with approx. 0,5sqm twine surface per square meter of netting an ideal base for the sulphur bacteria.

The stiffness of this material and the smooth surface makes it easy to spread the sulphur net over the substructure. The polyethylene twine has a minimum linear breaking strength of 380kg. Because of this high strength the nets can be hooked with the net meshes directly into hooks or eyes at the inner wall of the fermenter. In case of loss of gas pressure or in case of unusual snow loads the net also prevents the gas foil from sinking into the fermenting substrate.

The sizes of our sulphur nets are supplied to meet the diameters of round or the measurements of rectangular silos (fermenters).  For more than 15 years these nets have proved to withstand the extremely aggressive environment inside the fermenters.